Meet Our Staff


Dan and Karen Paulus:
Dan and Karen bought the orchard in the summer of 1999.  Dan grew up on a farm as a child and studied agri-business in college.  After college, and prior to the purchase of the farm, he worked for Perdue Farms.  Karen is at the farm a lot too.  You will find her in the store, giving school tours, in the upick area, or in PlayLand.  Karen studied chemistry in college and has taught high school chemistry and also taught part-time at Messiah College for several years.

Farm Managers:

Robert Blaney:
Robert started working for us in the fall of 2012 as a corn cop in the maze and then continued through the winter by helping Dan with trimming trees and equipment maintenance.  He started working full time for us in September, 2013 and helps in all areas of the farm, especially with whole sale orders as well as equipment maintenance.  He’s been an excellent addition to our staff.

Andrew Settle:
Andrew started with us in July, 2013.  Dan is thrilled to have Andrew’s help around the farm.  Andrew leads production including leading a crew of 9 guys in trimming, picking, and farm care.  We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team.

Kitchen Manager:

Pat Seebold, ServSafe Certified:
Pat joined our team in 2014. She makes many of the delicious treats in the kitchen and does most of our canning. You’ll see her beautiful jars of jellies, applesauce, and apple pie filling on the shelves of the store – she takes a lot of pride in her work. Pat is always cheerful and has lots of great creative ideas…she has helped with the packaging of all of our bakery and kitchen treats. She brings with her past kitchen experience and has helped design the layout of our kitchen to be more efficient. Pat is an avid cook and reader and enjoys running her busy household. She says she really enjoys the people she works with at the orchard.

Farm Store Manager:

Alison Harper:
Alison joined our team in 2016.

Part-Time Staff in Alphabetical Order:

Marty Baim, Corn Maze Cashier:
Marty helps us on fall weekends as a corn maze cashier. He’s been with us for ten years and we are very lucky to have his help; he’s been a great addition to our team.  We lovingly call the snack shed by the corn maze the “Marty Mart” in honor of him!

Diane Barbin, Farm Store Cashier:
Diane joined our team in 2016 and quickly made the jump to being an outstanding team member. Diane is the photo genius behind all of our instagram posts…she takes amazing pictures!

Elayna Barton, Kitchen Assistant:
Elayna started with us in the summer of 2014. Elayna loves to play field hockey and lacrosse and loves to read. She is super sweet and works hard. Elayna’s favorite food at the farm is a cider donut followed by Gala apples. She says she wanted to work at the orchard because her mom’s first job was at an orchard and she really enjoyed it.

Nathan Bishop, Kitchen Assistant:
Nathan is Ally’s younger brother and even though he is our youngest staff member you wouldn’t know it because he works just as hard as the rest of our team.

Sharon Chizar, Farm Educator & Kitchen Assistant:
Sharon joined us in 2015 and does a phenomenal job co-teaching our summer reading program, Little Farmer’s Class. She also teaches many of our fall tours. It’s no surprise she does a great job since she used to be a teacher!

Hannah Cornett, Farm Store Cashier:
Hannah joined us in 2016.

Susan Daum, Donut Maker:
Susan joined us in 2016 and is makes more donuts than anyone else at the farm – aren’t you grateful? She’s probably made thousands! We’re just thrilled to have her join our team!

Josh Davis, Farm Assistant:
Josh helps Dan, Robert, and Andrew with all kinds of jobs…picking pumpkins, washing pumpkins, picking blueberries, tying up blackberry and raspberry plants…you name it. He’s very willing to help in any way he can. His favorite treat at the farm is apple cider and his favorite fruit are pears. He says the orchard is a friendly environment, and he enjoys working outside with Dan, Robert, and Andrew.

Abby Dietsche, Kitchen Assistant & Produce Display:
Abby joined us in 2016.


Alex Fishel, Kitchen Assistant, Farm Store Cashier, & Produce Display:
Alex joined us in 2015.

Jo Frey, Farm Educator:
Jo joined us in the fall of 2015.

Aly Huth, Farm Store Cashier, Produce Display, & Kitchen Assistant:
Aly joined us in 2013. She started in the entertainment area keeping an eye on the inflatable and now does a super job in the kitchen making milkshakes, wraps, and all kinds of other delicious treats as well as in the store helping people with produce. Aly likes to be very involved at school and is a part of the musicals, ski club, and broadcast group. In her free time she likes to hang out at Hershey Park and ride roller coasters! She says she likes working at Paulus Orchards because the staff are great people to work with and they are really helpful when the milkshake machine decides to explode on you! Thankfully this is not an every day thing! :)

Cynthia Huth, Farm Educator and Kitchen Assistant:
Cynthia joined us in the fall of 2015. Kitchen Assistant doesn’t seem to do Cynthia justice because she is Pat’s right-hand-women! If Pat’s not available, Cynthia is right there making sure everything is running smoothly and working superbly with all our staff.

Mikayla Ickes, Farm Store Cashier, Produce Display, & Kitchen Assistant:
Mikayla joined us in 2015. She is currently a freshman at Messiah College and we are just thrilled to be able to keep Mikayla at the farm! She is super cheerful and does her job well!

Jim Ingraham, Corn Cop and Tractor Driver:
Jim has helped us for 3 years at the farm.  You may run into him in the corn maze or he may be driving the tractor for our fall wagon rides. He was a super addition to the farm.  We’re excited to have him on our team.

Mary Ingraham, Tractor Driver:
Mary is Jim’s wife and has joined our team in 2017.  She and Jim share the majority of the tractor driving on our fall weekends. Mary is used to driving big things…her weekday job is driving school buses. You’re in great hands with both of them!

Megan Ingraham, Junior Corn Cop:
Megan isn’t officially an employee of the farm but she aspires to be and we look forward to that day when she’s old enough! In the meantime, Megan hangs out in the corn maze with her dad, Jim, and can help direct you if you get lost!

Rebecca Keefer, Maze and U-Pick Cashier:
Rebecca joined us in 2016 and is one of the most outgoing, friendly people you’ll ever meet. She loves the outdoors and being at the farm and we hope you get to meet her when you visit!

Daniel Leitholf, Corn Maze and PlayLand Assistant:
Daniel joined us in 2017 and is helping in the corn maze and PlayLand. Daniel’s older brother Scott worked for us before heading off to college and now Daniel is following in Scott’s footsteps.

Lisa Litsinger, Kitchen Assistant, Donut Maker, U-pick & Farm Store Cashier:
Lisa started with us in the fall of 2014. She loves making the delicious kitchen treats including our famous donuts! She’s been a great help. Lisa also loves to read, go to church, and homeschool her 5 children. Her favorite foods at the farm are peaches and pumpkin roll!

Lucy Micsky, Farm Stand Cashier & Produce Display:
Lucy works in the store on weekdays while her children are in school. She is very friendly and loves talking with our customers. Lucy is also very creative and makes very nice displays for us. Her favorite item in the store is the “Norpro Saucemaster, hands down!”  Her favorite apples are Zestar, Jonagold, and Pink Lady. We asked her what attracted her to the farm and she said, “the scheduling was flexibile….and I really enjoy working with our customers in a busy, beautiful setting.”

Carla Miller, U-Pick Cashier and Greeter for School Tours:
Carla started helping us with our school tours in 2010.  She loves kids and is a great help.  She has also helped us with our u-pick berries.  We’re happy to have her as part of our team.  Carla is Gene’s wife.

Gene Miller, Carpenter Extraordinaire…and a long list of other jobs!:
Gene helps Dan in all aspects of the farm.  Gene is an excellent carpenter, he helps us sort fruit, fixes just about anything, and basically helps us keep up with the farm!  He built all of the wooden benches around the farm, all of our shelving in the store and in the sheds, the shoe holder by the jumping pillow and worked on many of the other entertainment activities. He also added the nice windows to our observational bee hive.


Al Myers, Farm Educator & Tractor Driver:
Al joined our team in 2009.  Al is a retired teacher and does a wonderful job teaching the many children that come to visit our orchard in the fall.  Al also helps us with some of the children’s activities in the summer as well as helping with the u-pick berries.  We’re so happy Al has joined our teaching staff!

Emily Nissley, Kitchen Assistant:
Emily joined us in 2016 and does a super job in the kitchen making lunches, milkshakes, and all kinds of other delicious treats.

Maizie Ober, Farm Store Cashier & Produce Display:
Maizie joined us in 2016 and we’re so happy to have her on our team. She is a freshman at Dickinson College and close enough to continue helping us at the farm! She’s a very hard worker and we’re thankful to keep her with us!

Jessica Paulus, Farm Stand Cashier & Produce Display:
Jessica is Karen and Dan’s youngest daughter.  You will find her keeping the store stocked or running the cash register.

Brylee Rine, Kitchen Assistant:
Brylee joined us in 2016.

Hope Rupp, Kitchen Assistant:
Hope joined us in 2015.

Acacia Sachs, Farm Store Cashier, Produce Display & Kitchen Assistant:
Acacia joined us in 2016.

Lydia Saurman, Farm Store Cashier & Produce Display:
Lydia joined us in 2016.

Nancy Scheffey, Pumpkin Seller Extraordinaire:
Nancy is Karen’s mom.  Nancy has been working at the orchard for many years…probably as long as we’ve had a pumpkin patch!  She works in September and October.  Her favorite thing to do at the farm is sell u-pick pumpkins.  She and her husband live in Delaware, so she drives a long way to come and help!  We enjoy having her with us and it’s really nice for our kids to see their Grandma so often.

Erin Seltzer, Kitchen Assistant:
Erin joined us in 2015 and Erin is the one to thank for all the delicious baked goods we have to offer! She’s often in the kitchen baking cookies, muffins, pies, dumplings, cobbler, and more. She’s the reason we’re all gaining a little extra weight! ;-)

Nicole Shank, Farm Stand Cashier, Produce Display, Kitchen Assistant, & Donut Maker:
Nicole joined our team in 2013 as a corn cop. She now spends most of her time as a farm stand cashier or donut maker. She’s exceptionally outgoing and personable and looks forward to helping our customers. Nicole enjoys writing fiction stories, reading, and volunteering at Grace House in Harrisburg. Her favorite farm treats are blueberries and watermelon. Nicole’s favorite part about working at the orchard is “the positive, family friendly environment.”

Morgan Starliper, Kitchen Assistant:
Morgan joined us in 2016.

Hannah Starner, Kitchen Assistant:
Hannah joined us in 2016.

Sarah Tepsic, Farm Educator:
Sarah joined us in 2016.

Shelley Waring, Farm Educator:
Shelley joined us in 2015 and does a fantastic job of co-teaching our summer reading program called Little Farmer’s Class. Shelley is a teacher by trade and we are extremely fortunate to have her help. Shelley also helps with group tours and sometimes as a upick or PlayLand cashier.

Skylar Wetherbee, Farm Store Cashier & Produce Display:
Skylar joined us in 2016. Skylar enjoys agriculture and helps the FFA in many ways at high school.