Media Center

Media Contact:

Karen Post Paulus
Phone: 717-432-2544

Professional Photographers:

We often receive requests about doing a photo shoot at the farm. Yes, we would love to have you as long as you can follow our requests. Photo shoots may be done between 9am and 6:30pm on Saturdays or 12pm and 5:30pm on Sundays in September and October in “open” areas of the farm … meaning the apple trees that are open for you-pick, the pumpkin patch, wagon rides, corn maze/play area.

You must ask permission before moving anything (crates, baskets, pumpkins, etc) for the picture or before entering the log cabin. Everyone in the group must purchase an admission to the maze area if using this area and people being photographed must purchase the apples and/or pumpkins they pick.

In return we ask the following:

  • Let us know what date you are coming
  • Please email to us at least two logo free pictures from each photo shoot that we are free to use for advertising
  • Also send us a signed statement from the people in the photos that we are free to use them. In return we will share the pictures on our Facebook page with a link to your webpage and/or Facebook page to help promote your business.

Official Graphics

logoDownloadWe have developed libraries of our official farm artwork for the use of vendors. There are several variations of the artwork on each of the different file formats.

Our artwork is stored on DropBox. We will provide a link to the file types you may need upon request.